Natal Astrology

The Natal chart is a 'map' of the heavens at the exact time and place of your birth. It shows the positions of all of the planets, and from it we can see the many complex interactions between each planet and sign and each other planet and sign. This 'map' is the starting point for all astrological techniques.

chart wheel

Your natal chart shows the basic building blocks that make up your own unique and complex personality. It shows your strengths and your weaknesses, your dreams and your fears. Looking at the overall picture, and synthesising each part of the chart with every other part, a professional astrologer gains a deep insight into who you are, how you think, feel and react.

The basic principle of Astrology is that you can choose to develop your good and constructive qualities, rather than to indulge your bad and destructive ones; and that you can choose the times for action and the times for inaction, rather than remain passive before the tides of circumstance.

Having your natal chart professionally interpreted can be a hugely positive experience. An in-depth consultation can throw light onto areas of your life that you don't often acknowledge, and can encourage and advise you on how to make the best of your strengths and minimise any potential weaknesses. You will find a new depth of self-understanding, together with the motivation and the impetus to make positive changes in your life.

Relationship Astrology

Also known as synastry. The word 'synastry' comes from the Greek prefix 'syn' - bringing together and 'astron' - a star. It is the comparison of two or more horoscopes to determine compatibility. Any relationship can be analyzed synastrically (business partners, parent-child, teacher-student, etc.).

A synastry analysis can indicate the depth, nature and often duration of a relationship. It can highlight those particular areas where each can help or hinder the other and, even in the case of the latter, these can be regarded as ultimately beneficial for the whole person.

dual chart wheel

There are several options available to you if you are experiencing change in your relationships. A synastry consultation offers insight into how each of the participants in the relationship engage with one another - this is an opportunity to explore the roles each of you play in your mutual experience.

The synastry consultation is also of significant importance when you are considering establishing a partnership in your business, hiring employees or having problems with others at work.

When you are planning marriage (or divorce), or experiencing challenges in an on-going relationship - a synastry consultation helps you to understand the purpose and meaning of the experience.

Often new parents want to discuss the ways they can best support and encourage their children. Sometimes parents whose children are older, have reached their teen age years, or are leaving home to start their own lives, need to talk about all of the emotions they are experiencing at that time.

A Synastry Consultation can help to clarify the situation, point out your successes, define a plan for the future, and provide insight into personal issues that affect the relationship.