Background of Coach


Irene Speirs-Caskie, B.Sc., M.Sc., PG.Cert.Counselling, D. Hyp, MBSCH.

Irene is a Clinical Hynotherapist, NLP trainer, Past Life Regression Therapist and Emotional Intelligence Leadership Trainer. Irene is certified in Counselling and Soul Coaching®. Irene is also a working Medium and practising Evolutionary Astrologer. Her home is in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and France, with a busy practice helping clients world wide.

Irene has been on a spiritual journey most of her life. She encountered Spirit at the age of seven on Islay, the island of her ancestors, and her inherited clairvoyance and mediumship from her Celtic roots are extra tools in her practitioner's toolkit.

For her Masters Dissertation in Psychology, Irene researched Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership. Presently, she is writing a film script
Finlaggan Loch, Islay
Finlaggan Loch, Islay - Seat of the Lords of the Isles
called Sleeping Partners, about a 17th century Scottish highland clan whose descendants meet up in the present day.

She has been fortunate to train with world recognized leaders in holistic, spiritual, physical and emotional health, and brings this learning to her practice. Irene's approach to life and work has been called intuitive, with fine sensitivity and deep awareness; bringing joy and laughter along the way. She holds only the best intentions, and sees service as part and parcel of her life. She loves dancing, the arts and ceremonial gatherings and has a close affinity with animals.

Irene Speirs-Caskie delivers seminars, workshops, retreats and talks in Scotland, Europe, India and America.